Who Are We?

  • Services at no charge to individuals, families, homeowners, and tenants seeking to buy a home or a homeowner

  • Serving Missouri and Kansas

  • The agency is certified by the department of  Housing and Urban Development to provide comprehensive counseling, to individuals and families

:If you are a homeowner or need information on buying a home

  • How to prepare for purchasing a home through educational workshops

  • Mediation between homeowners and mortgage companies to create a workable plan

  • Review options for homeowners if are currently in a reverse mortgage and have concerns

  • What to do if the mortgage company sends a delinquent notice that says, “foreclosure is imminent.”

  • Education on understanding your finances and what it means to own a home

  • Understand your credit report scoring and rating.

Meeting the Needs of Families and Individuals:

Our Accomplishments

  • Became one of first HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency serving the metropolitan areas through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • Services extend to  four counties in Missouri which include Jackson,  Clay, Platte and Cass  and Johnson and Wyandotte in Kansas.

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